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Notary Service

Keller Kastle Insurance agent and owner Eric Keller, CISR, is fully-trained and licensed as a notary public. Please contact us to schedule any notary services you may require, and we would be happy to witness any important legal documents!

What Is A Notary Public?

A notary public is a public official the government authorizes to witness the signing of important legal documents, administer oaths, and certify the authenticity of signatures. Notaries are responsible for verifying the identity of signers, ensuring that they are signing the document of their own free will, and confirming that the document's content is accurate.

Notaries play an important role in preventing fraud and ensuring the validity of legal documents. They are commonly used in the execution of wills, real estate transactions, and business agreements. In addition to their official duties, notaries may also provide other services, such as issuing certified copies of documents or taking acknowledgments.

Please get in touch with Keller Kastle Insurance for any other questions concerning notary services you may have.

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